Just finished second treatment for pigmentation & amazed by results. For the first time in years confident to go out without foundation trying to hide my ugly marks on my cheeks. Your amazing Kylee I’m so glad you were at the hairdressers and bold enough to come up and say hey I can fix that!

Hugo Thiess

Thanks for the wonderful session yesterday, Kylee. We had such a great, relaxing time, and I was very impressed at the way you handled all 3 of us in the same session. The massage and facial were super-relaxing, and the spa, sauna and lounging in the sun left us all feeling on top of the world

Gail Dawson


Took my mum and my sister for a surprise mothers day massage and facial, absolute best experience! The massage was so great, I left with absolutely no back pain which hasn’t happened in a long time � we all left feeling so relaxed and refreshed thank you Kylee.

Gemma Dawson