I sell a wide range of the Australian-made Skinstitut products, these are cosmeceutical products.

What does that mean? Well, first we want anti-ageing products. The products bought from your everyday stores like Myer or Coles have nothing active about them so don’t really promote anti-ageing. If they were people would be complaining about how they were causing skin sensitivity and peeling because really active products do cause sensitivities when used without guidance and supervision. They are called cosmetic products. The difference is generally the number of active ingredients they have. Some have barrier effect which protects from the harsh Australian environment and sometimes with SPF also and create growth creating anti-ageing benefits. The ones available without consultation have such a small amount of active ingredients e.g. Vitamin A, C, that they don’t give a permanent result or change to the skin, simply protecting and moisturising rather than empowering and nurturing regrowth as does cosmeceutical hence the reduced ageing and fine lines increase.

Cosmeceutical products have ingredients which stimulate growth and cell regeneration in our skin cells. The ingredients are so active if used too frequently on skin not familiar with such stimulation you will cause a minor amount of flaking (nothing detrimental). This stronger formulation has the ability to bring about visible changes to the skin making it a results-focused product.

Generally cosmeceutical products available through professional skincare stockist where a consultation can be provided giving professional advice on what your skin needs and when to change your products for ongoing results mixed with other options. We also write a script to advise on the frequency of use to prevent any unnecessary concerns.

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