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There are a number of different facials, you may want a relaxing facial cleanse and massage, just to give you some TLC and timeout. You may need a hydrating facial with which we use active ingredients and cosmeceutical products to achieve the maximum results. You may have pigmentation you want gone. Anti-ageing is my speciality also. There are many ways to take a few years off; it’s generally a dehydration problem.

You may, simply just need help to work out WHY your skin is not looking its best or why you’ve just had a breakout. That’s how I help.

There are facials for problematic skin, like acne, sensitive, rosacea, or blocked pores. I customise treatments to your needs and budget.


EXPRESS FACIAL – Suitable for ALL skin types, perfect for exfoliation, hydration for a radiant look.
Great for dull, lifeless skin – 35 mins $59

ANTI AGING FACIAL-cleanse, exfoliate, microdermabrasion and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We infuse the dermis after removing all dead cells with vit A, B,C and marine collagen. Your face will look and feel amazing for weeks to come, guaranteed results 45 mins $120

Add LED light  to any treatment for intense infusion for an addition $25 (10mins)

REJUVENATION FACIAL – Customised to your skin’s needs. Active ingredients are used to create cell renewal,
radiance & boost hydration. Skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliating, enzyme peel & hydration.
Includes head massage.We will use either a Contour or microdermabrasion machine to give amazing glowing results – 35mins $95

FRUIT EXTRACT INFUSION- we use fruit acid to degrease and detox the skins surface and beyond allowing the following products to soak deep within the dermis creating an amazing rehydrated and rejuvenated facial glow. Not for the faint-hearted but no downtime. 30 mins $99


Young woman receiving microdermabrasion therapy on forehead at beauty spa

This treatment removes the build up of unwanted skin cells, stimulates collagen and the production of healthy skin.

A quick yet effective deep exfoliation that includes cleanse, moisturise and SPF. Results are immediate! You won’t be disappointed.

This most beneficial non surgical procedure available when used as part of an anti ageing regime, fine wrinkles soften, the best exfoliating system around, also great for diminishing breakouts, includes full facial cleanse & enzyme peel approx – 30 mins $79

Optional services available

add-contour facial treatment(following micro)reduces fine lines and firms and tightens skin texture increases collagen growth 15 mins $40 with facial treatment

Peel accelerator( great following micro) degreases and draws out impurities and blockages. May cause a slight flaking peel & decongestion breakout. Gives a beautiful glow and radiance to face immediately.This helps even out skin tone after drawing out blockages. approx 15 mins $40

Chemical Peels


I offer peels for all skin types. Great for acne, blockages, anti-ageing and pigmented skin to name a few.

ENZYMATIC PEEL– skin analysis, deep glycolic cleanse, express microdermabrasion, extractions(if required)deep hydration mask and micro peel application – approx 45mins $99

PEEL ACCEL-skin analysis, deep glycolic cleanse, express microdermabrasion, extractions(if required)degrease with chemical peel followed by enriched hydration system and sunscreen.approx 45 min $120

AGELESS PEEL-a deluxe anti-ageing, cell renewal peel designed for a little downtime and a glowing fresh appearance for weeks following. perfect for reducing fine lines and bringing out pigmentation.approx 45 mins $125

ANTI AGING PEEL-this is an amazing peel with little downtime but great results. Only applied to a fit face. This is the best for reducing old dull and dry faces. Remove the lacklustre appearance replacing it with a new glowing radiance. Give an awesome glow within two weeks so if you have a special occasion coming up get in approx 3 weeks try this and you will wow the crowd. This treatment will also bring the pigmentation to the surface if present and will then flake off within 7days. makeup may be worn.-35 mins $149

Optional services available- Contour facial treatment(following micro)reduces fine lines and firms and tightens skin texture increases collagen growth 20mins $40 with a facial treatment.

Facials- Why should we have one?


When you have a facial with us we do the utmost to make sure it gives a beautiful, radiant and moisturized glow. The way we do this is to start with a deep clean with glycolic 14% which gently exfoliates the skin. Our products are friendly for sensitive, rosacea, acneic and aged skin. We then follow with the suitable treatment e.g. microdermabrasion.IPL or chemical peel.

Following your treatment, we apply hydrating and an infusion of vitamins A and C to brighten the skin and assist with cellular turnover finishing with 50+ sunscreen.

How often do you take time to actually cleanse your face thoroughly & give it great hydration? Does your face feel dry, dull and uneven? Do you have pigment or sunspots?

Do you think you have products that are beneficial and are they giving you results?

Would you like to have people guessing your age because you look so radiant and youthful?