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MassagePost summer rejuv  FULL BODY GLYCOLIC SCRUB & MASSAGE – approx – 1 hr $129



FULL BODY MICRODERMABRASION – exfoliate away the dead, dry skin on your whole body and feel amazing, refreshed and new clean stimulated skin. Followed by a coconut oil massage to hydrate and nourish approx 45 mins $125

MINI PAMPER – pressed for time but want it all ½ hr relaxation
or remedial massage, head, neck, shoulders & feet & ½ hr express
SKINSTITUT facial – 60 mins $99

DREAM TIME – time to chill, relax & freshen up- scalp treatment, 30 min
massage neck, back & shoulders,mini microdermabrasion facial- 90 mins $140

DIVINITY – perfect treatment to create a new you, relaxed, refreshed & made over top to toe – scalp massage, 45 min massage, glycolic SKINSTITUT facial & microdermabrasion, hand & foot pamper, finishing with an eyelash extension application, great during pregnancy or post,or just some time to yourself for TLC – 2 hrs $180

BODY BLISS PACKAGE– enjoy 3 hrs of blissful relaxation. Start with a warm and soothing body scrub followed by a warm and steaming sauna to relax and unwind those tired and weary muscles. followed by a remedial or relaxing coconut oil massage. A foot and hand pamper, then an intensive exfoliating and hydrating facial including a microdermabrasion,followed by a LED facial light, ending with an eyelash extension application treatment finishing with herbal tea whilst soaking  in the spa at 38.5c- 3hrs $290



Non-Surgical Contouring and Rejuvenation

Corpo femminile

Body slimming & Shaping
Cellulite reduction
Improves appearance of stretch marks
Rebuilds collagen production
Improves circulation through out body
Oxygenates the skin
Helps clear lymphatic system & clear toxins
Relaxing warm massaging effect

To maximise the effects of your treatment please ensure you: Drink 1 litre of filtered or spring water before and after treatment (Not soda or carbonated water).

Exercise for at least half an hour(brisk water or more) following each treatment & drink at least a liter of water(preferably within 2 hours of the treatment) to stimulate lymphatic activity and follow a suitable daily exercise plan. Dry skin brush daily before showering in between treatments, Preferably no alcohol for 48 hours after treatment. Hot shower, bath or sauna after the Contour plus if recommended.

Follow a Low GI diet with protein with every meal, drink fresh lemon juice with boiling water upon rising each day & plenty of filtered water each day. Reduce sugary food & processed products.


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  • Please note that whilst we will do the best to schedule an appointment at your desired time, sometimes this may not always be possible.
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